After school clubs

At Stoneleigh Academy we run a variety of academy clubs to cater for all ages and interests.  Information regarding the clubs that run each term is sent out to parents who can decide with their child which they would like to attend. As we get this information back into the academy we allocate places and try to ensure that all pupils get into at least one club of their choice (although we can't sadly guarantee this depending upon club popularity). Clubs generally finish at 16:15 and children can be collected from the main reception area. Please inform staff if your child will be collected by anyone other than those adults already authorised and known to academy staff.


 If you are interested in running an academy club or have suggestions as to new clubs, we are always interested to hear from you. We generally do not charge for attendance at clubs but may in the future if there is a need to cover the cost of specialist provision.


 If you think your child would like to participate in an after school activity please take a look at this form.